What Is An Electronic Cigarette (e-cigs) If you are a smoker who has heard of electronic cigarettes, but is not familiar with what exactly they are you are not alone. Electronic cigarettes are an electronic device that allows you to consume nicotine from a smokeless, electronic vapour devi

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What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

If you are a smoker who has heard of electronic cigarettes, but is not familiar with what exactly they are you are not alone.  Electronic cigarettes are an electronic device that allows you to consume nicotine from a smokeless, electronic vapour device.  By smoking vapour opposed to traditional cigarettes you will eliminate the 4,000 plus harmful toxins that traditional tobacco products contain.  Instead you will smoke a solution that contains only nicotine and propylene glycol.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?

Propylene glycol is a common food additive found in flavourings.  It can also be found in many pharmaceutical products and beauty products.  Propylene glycol is considered safe, however research on its role in electronic cigarettes has not yet been researched or classified.

Is Nicotine Safe?

Nicotine is addictive and is classified as a poison.  Use of traditional tobacco products can lead to many medical conditions, and when nicotine consumed in large quantities it can lead to death.  However, nicotine without the 4000 plus additives is still being studied, but many are concluding that its effects are similar to that of caffeine.  All products containing nicotine should not be used if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a serious health condition.  Nicotine cannot be sold in the UK to anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

Will Electronic Cigarettes Help You Stop Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are designed to help you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you consume when smoking, which makes the withdrawals symptoms easier to curb.  While electronic cigarettes are not an approved method for breaking your habit, many people are having success in doing just that.  However until official research is done they will be marketed only as another form of nicotine.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer When You Are Pregnant?

Nicotine, regardless of the form, can be harmful to your baby.  This includes traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, chew, and all other nicotine products.  You should consult your physician before using any nicotine products, regardless of being pregnant, and use particular caution if you have cardiovascular disease or any major health conditions.

Can You Refill Your Cartridges Yourself?

The fastest and easiest way to keep your electronic cigarette fully operational is to replace your cartridge with prefilled cartridges.  However, you can purchase e-liquid solutions online that you can use to refill your cartridge at home through the mouthpiece of your electronic cigarette.  It is important that you do this correctly so that you do not overfill your cartridge, resulting in excessive amounts of nicotine.  If you are looking to save a few dollars by refilling at home purchase a system that will help you to disperse the correct amount of solution.

How Can You Tell When It Is Time To Change Your Cartridge?

It will be easy to identify when it is time to change or refill your cartridge by a reduced amount of vapour being produced when you are using your electronic cigarette.  Keep in mind that low vapour can also be the sign of a low battery.

How Much Nicotine Does Each Cartridge Contain?

The amount of nicotine in your cartridges depends on the type of refill you purchase.  Refills range anywhere from 6mg-18mg of nicotine, depending on how light or heavy your prefer your vapour to be.  A 18mg cartridge would be the equivalent of a standard cigarette.  With the ability to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in your cartridge, many smokers have success in reducing the strength of the nicotine they consume to help quit smoking.  Just remember that if you purchase less milligrams of nicotine, but smoke more frequently you are defeating the purpose.

How Long Does An Electronic Cigarette Take To Charge?

This varies from brand to brand, but the average electronic cigarette takes 1-2 hours to charge.

How Can You Tell When You Need To Charge Your Battery?

Each brand has a system that is a little different, but they all have some sort of system in place to let you know when it is time to recharge.  Many times there is a LED light that changes color, flashes, or turns on to let you know it is time to charge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to overcharge your electronic cigarette because that can lead to a reduced lifecycle of your electronic cigarette.  Some have a built-in feature to let you know when you are over charging.

How Do You Turn Your Electronic Cigarette On?

This can vary depending on the brand, but electronic cigarettes either have automatic or manual activation.  An automatic version has a sensor that will activate when you inhale on the mouthpiece.  Manual versions have a button you will press to begin heating the nicotine solution.  There are advantages to both of these methods of activation and they are really a matter of personal preference.

How Long Will Your Battery Last?

This depends on the type of battery you are using in your electronic cigarette.  If you are using a rechargeable battery it can be recharged up to 300 times before you need to replace it.  The life of disposable batteries will vary depending on how frequently you use your electronic cigarette.  As a general rule pen style electronic cigarettes have a longer battery life than the minis.

How Do You Purchase An Electronic Cigarettes?

For the largest selection of electronic cigarettes you can shop for them online.  However may UK supermarkets that sell traditional cigarettes are beginning to offer a few styles and varieties of electronic cigarettes and cartridges.  However, you have access to larger discounts and more options when buying from an electronic cigarette supplier such as Health Remedy.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Electronic Cigarettes?

There are many advantages to switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.  Some of the primary advantages are cost savings, times savings, they eliminate second hand smoke, and they give you the freedom to smoke in more locations than you are allowed with traditional cigarettes.

Where Can You Smoke Your Electronic Cigarettes?

One of the many advantages to electronic cigarettes is that they are legal to use anywhere in the UK, because they do not produce harmful second hand smoke.  If you are going to smoke your electronic cigarette in a place where traditional cigarettes are not allowed, do not be surprised if you attract attention and the people assume you are smoking a traditional cigarette.  To help discern that you are not smoking traditional tobacco products your electronic cigarette usually has an identifier such as a blue or green LED tip.  When smoking your electronic cigarette the vapours will disperse quickly, and you do not run the risk of activating smoke detectors.

Does The Vapour Give Off An Odour?

Your electronic cigarette odes have a mild odour, but it is completely unlike traditional cigarettes.  The odour dissipates as quickly as the vapour, and you can even purchase flavoured e-liquid to create a custom scent.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Come With A Manufacturers Warranty?

Almost all UK manufactures provide a warranty for their electronic cigarettes.  The details of the warranty vary from brand to brand, but average around 1 year.  The warranties do not cover lost or damaged electronic cigarettes, but often cover malfunctions.  Some brands even offer a 30 money back guarantee in case electronic cigarettes are not the right fit for you. 

How Do You Know If The Brand Of Electronic Cigarettes You Purchased Is Safe?

All electronic cigarettes bought and sold in the UK have met the required EU safety protocols.  To ensure that your electronic cigarette has met EU safety requirements look for  ROHS, and CE on the external packaging.

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