Do Insurance Companies View Electronic Cigarettes Differently Than Traditional Cigarettes How do insurance Companies view smokers of electronic cigarettes. Should they take a different view for the safer benefits that e-cigs offer.
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Do Insurance Companies View Electronic Cigarettes Differently Than Traditional Cigarettes

Do Insurance Companies View Electronic Cigarettes Differently Than Traditional Cigarettes

Do Insurance Companies View Electronic Cigarettes Differently Than Traditional Cigarettes

This is the world of future – today, people can easily use their cars lighter charter to charge up their electronic cigarettes. This is the world of the future where e-cigarettes can be used to help one stop smoking or change their smoking habits.

However, one has to wonder how life insurance and health insurance companies feel about the new way to address a person’s addiction to nicotine. This is especially true as the World Health Organization has demanded a ban be placed for public use of these technologically-advanced products. Do the insurers share the organization’s view?Insurance and smoking e-cigs

E-Cigarettes: Are They Any Healthier Than Traditional Cigarettes

A study at electronic cigarettes from Professor Robert West of the University College London’s department of epidemiology and public health found the technological device could increasingly improve people’s ability to stop smoking. However, not near as much as if they were using NHS stop-smoking services.

West could not specify what the long-term results would be, but he was fairly optimistic. He said he wasn’t clear what e-cigarettes’ long-term effects would be on one’s health. What is known about vapor contents, however, is that they are far less dangerous than traditional cigarettes.  Still, many countries, including the United States, have taken steps to comprehensively control or ban e-cigarettes. And, that’s because no one is really sure about their safety.

Do Insurance Companies Consider People Smokers When They Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Insurance companies have been hesitant to consider electronic cigarettes different from tobacco-filled cigarettes. When applying for life insurance, you’re asked what your nicotine intake is, regardless of whether it’s from regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Legal & General Claims and Underwriting Director Russell Whitworth said the insurance companies do treat users of e-cigs the same as traditional smokers sine most of them are still hooked on nicotine. It’s a widely accepted practice but one that the industry is continuing to keep an eye on.

This market is growing at a rapid pace, and because of that, there is no clarity in what vaping’s long-term effects are… if there are going to be any side effects.  E-cigarettes muddle the underwriting insurance process.

Aviva underwriter Michael Whyte said, when they were first introduced, these cigarettes were advertised as being a way to stop smoking. For that reason, it was thought people would not being using any kind of tobacco products within the last year.

The majority of life insurance companies demand a person not smoke for one year before they consider them a non-smoker because there is a high probability of them relapsing.

Another problem for life insurance companies is the ability to prove the claims of their customers. If you decide to tell an insurance company that you are a non-smoker, they may ask for you for a nicotine test. If you vape, you will have nicotine in the system. Therefore, the life insurance company will not be able to tell if you are a genuine smoker or a vaper (dangerous vs. non-dangerous).

That’s why the majority of insurance companies have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Health insurance companies have another view entirely compared to life insurance companies. While health insurance companies don’t view e-cigarette smokers differently than regular smokers, a slim number of them will price them differently.

Andrew Warren, 49, of Peterborough, said he chose to smoke e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes several months ago. He opted for Alpine Strawberry. Warren said he’s using e-cigarettes to enjoy the feeling of smoking but getting away from tobacco use. He said he’s been decreasing his nicotine level and feels much happier about it. E-cigarettes, he said, is much cleaner.

Should You Use E-Cigarettes or Regular Cigarettes

Some people view e-cigarettes has a great way to attain their nicotine fix, making the switch from a bad habit to a cleaner one. Other people see it as an ideal way to stop smoking? Some people, such as Claire, use them as the way to stop smoking.


Article Posted: 10/10/2014 01:00:01

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