E-Cigarette Safety Smoking electronic cigarettes help relieve stress and seem a much safer alternative solution to nicotine intake.
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E-Cigarette Safety

E-Cigarette Safety

You’ve heard the commercials and seen the advertisements – electronic cigarettes are being touted as the safer alternative to regular smoking.  Of course, this leads one to question the safety of these devices. What kinds of health risks are associated with them?  This is why you need to be made aware of the facts that surround e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes.

Regular Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarettes: Which One Is The Better Choice For You?

One of the biggest problems associated with regular cigarette smoking is that there are more than 4,000 toxins that you inhale when you burn the tobacco.  The smoke that is produced and inhaled can result in respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Nicotine does not produce the same thing.

The electronic cigarette smoke that’s produced has none of the 4,000 toxins, and that’s because there’s no smoke due to no burning. When there is no smoke, there’s no carbon monoxide or tar.

What Are The Effects Of Nicotine?

You may be wondering about the nicotine and just how dangerous it is. Well, e-cigarettes do contain nicotine, but there isn’t enough studies done to determine what its effects are. The studies that are currently done have inconclusive results.  E-cigarettes do provide a nicotine delivery system but has no smoke that is produced by burning tobacco.

The FDA found some minute traces of carcinogens when they sampled the e-cigarette nicotine liquid. But, in saying that, these carcinogens are generally found in FDA-approved patches and gum. Bear in mind that many foods you eat every day have a minute amount of carcinogens. Does that mean you should be concerned? Well, keep this whole thing in perception.  The dosage of a certain carcinogen is far more important when determining its toxicity level.

Thus, if there are carcinogens in the e-cigarette vapor, it’s likely not in high amounts. And, there is no evidence that the carcinogens are in the vapor the e-cigarette produces and users inhale.

This begs to question: are they safe to use then? It’s best to remain cautious amount them and not assume they’re 100 percent safe, until additional studies have been done and are completed.  Of course, compare it to actual cigarette smoke, and yes, they are much safer. Cigarette tobacco smoke is expensive, dangerous and smelly. With e-cigarettes, smokers have a choice that’s far safer and can save a lot of lives.

Health issues when stopping tobacco smoking

Is It Possible To Quit Smoking Using Electronic Cigarettes?

Many people have claimed that they have quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes. However, you won’t hear this from the companies who make and sell the device. This is because the FDA hasn’t approved the use of electronic cigarettes for a stop smoking method. Still, it’s certainly a healthier alternative if you want or need a smoke in a public location.  

It would beg to question why anyone looking to quit smoking wouldn’t use them as a smoking alternative. After all, they’re similar to nicotine gum or patches, delivering nicotine to the bloodstream, which keeps the cravings for real cigarettes down.

Here’s something you may not realize about the cigarette nicotine cartridges – they can be found an array of levels:

  • No nicotine
  • Low nicotine
  • Medium nicotine
  • High

Therefore, if a person wanted to use e-cigarettes as a way to break themselves of the regular cigarette habit, they could easily wean themselves off by using an e-cigarette device. Best of all, a high nicotine cartridge has less nicotine in it than a regular cigarette.

How many folks have been able to stop smoking with these nifty little devices? It’s hard to say and there have been no organized studies about the issue. Still, check out any of the “vaping” forums on the Internet and you can see a number of testimonials where people were able to kick the nasty smoking habit. And, some testimonials come from hardcore smokers – ones that have been smoking for decades and more than a pack a day.

Until some comprehensive research is carried out, people are going to need to use their best judgment and use the testimonials to help them out. Thus, you need to do your homework and get educated about each device. With that information on hand, you can find an e-cigarette brand that’s best for you.

One Final Note:

When it comes to quitting smoking, there is no magic pill that can get it done. If you want to quit, you must be determined enough to kick the habit. E-cigarettes can provide you with an alternative to quit smoking,  just like the patch and gum.

Of course, most smokers have no real desire to quit smoking… they enjoy it a lot! And, for people who feel this way, e-cigarettes are the healthy substitute to regular cigarettes.

Article Posted: 09/03/2015 01:00:01

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