A Guide To Electronic Cigarette Flavors What E-Liquids flavours are there available in the United Kingdom. Where can I buy the best in e-liquid nicotine flavours from a good online ecommerce retailer.
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A Guide To Electronic Cigarette Flavors

A Guide To Electronic Cigarette Flavors

A Guide To Electronic Cigarette Flavors

One of the main appeals that many smokers find in regards to electronic cigarettes is that, unlike with traditional cigarettes, there are a wide variety of flavors available. No matter what flavor a smoker likes they will be able to find at least one they will enjoy.

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Electronic cigarette flavors include tobacco, menthol, fruit and even exotic flavors. The four tobacco flavors most often found in electronic cigarettes are regular, apache, Bora Bora and Atlantic Cut. The regular tobacco flavor is for the smokers who don’t want fancy flavors but just want to move away from traditional cigarettes. Apache flavor appeals to pipe smokers and anyone who smokes cigarettes without filters. Bora Bora is a tobacco type flavor with a spicy addition to it. Of all the tobacco flavors available for e-cigarettes Atlantic Cut has the strongest flavor. It combines the flavor of flue-cured tobacco with flavors such as apple, caramel and rye whiskey maple.

Menthol flavors available for electronic cigarettes include iced berry, snap and zero K. The regular menthol flavor has a minty taste to it that many smokers love. A small hint of eucalyptus can be detected in this flavor. The sweet flavor of iced berry electronic cigarette liquid tastes like eating a bowl of berries. The flavor of snap takes mint and dark chocolate and brings them together to form a unique taste. Zero K flavoring is simply a very strong peppermint flavor.

Some of the most popular fruit flavors for electronic cigarettes are strawberry, apple, peach, lime, coconut and banana. Strawberry flavored electronic cigarettes go very well with strawberry shortcake and strawberry flavored ice cream. The Apple flavored electronic cigarette liquid tastes like fresh apple juice. Peach flavored electronic cigarette liquid provides a great alternative to eating the fruit, in the minds of many smokers. Lime and coconut flavored liquid for electronic cigarettes are popular among smokers because they invoke the feeling of being in a tropical paradise with a delicious cocktail. Smokers who have a sweet tooth often find that banana flavored liquid are perfect in an electronic cigarette because it allows them to curb their desire for sweets without actually having to eat them.

Exotic flavors of electronic cigarettes include chocolate, espresso, kick, cin and clove. Chocolate flavored electronic cigarettes often taste like a cup of hot chocolate to many smokers. Coffee drinkers often gravitate towards espresso flavored electronic cigarettes because the flavor resembles the experience of drinking a cup of coffee that has been slow roasted. Kick is a unique electronic cigarette flavor that combines the taste of honey and cinnamon. Clove flavored electronic cigarette liquid is spicy and reminds many smokers of authentic Indonesian cigarettes.

These electronic cigarette flavors give smokers so many options that many cannot resist quitting regular cigarettes. The flavors also attract people that normally would not smoke because they don’t like the scent or flavor of tobacco. For this reason electronic cigarettes will likely continue to grow in popularity among smokers.

Article Posted: 13/01/2015 01:00:01

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