Electronic cigarettes review A review of electronic cigarettes with details of a study into the effect of switching from tobacco over to e-cigs.
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Electronic cigarettes review

Electronic cigarettes review

Are Vapor-Filled Electronic Cigarettes Any Safer Than Tobacco-Filled Traditional Cigarettes


When you look at why you should use e-cigarettes over traditional ones, there is no doubt why e-cigarettes should be the preferred choice of smokers.  Research has shown that it’s better for one’s health and that smoking is the largest reason behind deadly house fires.

Why House Fires Generally Start

Smokers often have a cigarette in their home, especially after a long day at work or when they throw a party for friends. They often get one last cigarette before they fall asleep for the night.  Why do people smoke in their home? The reasons are endless – not just because the weather outside is so frightful. 

Most people really have no clue on how easy a fire can occur in the home because of a lit cigarette. A lit cigarette can happen because it wasn’t properly extinguished or a person fell asleep smoking in bed. They might have been drinking and didn’t know what they were doing.  No one thinks that a fire can happen in their home, especially from a lit cigarette.

Think about the impact on your family, neighbors and friends. Did you know that one in three house fires results in a death? When noted in that way, does quitting smoking come to mind at all?

Single Biggest Reason Use E-Cigarettes

One of the biggest reasons a person will start using e-cigarettes is their desire to stop smoking. What they never think about though is what could happen with them smoking in the home. However, when it comes to e-cigarettes, they can be smoked inside the home without fear of starting a fire or their family inhaling tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke). E-cigarettes use an electronic vapor.

So, if you’re a smoker and love to smoke in your home, consider making a change and use e-cigarettes. You don’t want to become a fire statistic, do you? With electronic cigarettes, you won’t be! Your home and your family will stay safe while you get your cigarette fix.

Purchase An E-Cigarette Starter Kit and Make A Change Today
E-Cig starter kit

If you want to quit smoking and eliminate the amount of smoke in your home, the best thing to turn to is an e-cigarette starter kit. This starter kit will have everything you’ll need to start your freedom from tobacco addiction.  A starter kit has several e-cigarettes in the package so that you can use them for yourself or hand them to family and friends who want to quit as well. Quitting with a partner can certainly encourage the both of you to press on, and not be tempted to fall of the “wagon”, so to speak.

Give an e-cigarette to someone who smokes and that you are close to. With the both of you quitting, you both can motivate each other to give up the habit.  And, think of the money you’d save if both of you placed money toward the kit.

The kit will also give you a 30-day supply of refills, along with a variety of different kinds.  One of the best things about an e-cigs is that you can fight your cravings anytime they hit and choose what flavor you want. There are so many flavors with e-cigarettes you’re bound to find one that you like and will always want to use. Of course, you could find more than one that you want too. That’s perfectly fine too!

E-cigarettes come with a rechargeable battery that allows you to continuously smoke without the worry that the battery will die on you. Of course, with regular cigarettes, you have to go out and buy a brand new pack when you’re out. However, e-cigarettes never require you to go out at all hours of the night for that nicotine fix. All you need to do is charge the battery every night so that it will last the entire next day. And, you can easily charge the device through your computer or laptop. How cool is that?

An e-cigarette starter kit is your first step toward freedom of conventional cigarette smoking – no more stained teeth from cigarettes, no more cigarette burnt smell on your clothes, body and hair, no more cigarette smell in your home or car and no chance of your home catching fire because there is no lit butt of the cigarette with an electronic cigarette.

There are all kinds of e-cigarette manufacturers out there, so you may need to try a couple different types to find the one ideal for your needs. However, once you start using them, you’ll never want to go back to traditional cigarette smoking. And, if you know of someone looking to quit cigarette smoking, you can help them while helping yourself at the same time.

How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Many people have wondered just how safe e-cigarettes are. And, that’s a fair question to ask. Are they any safer than traditional nicotine, tobacco-filled cigarettes? Here’s a look at what one person had to say about e-cigarette and their use:

I have been an avid e-cigarette smoker for more than a year now and have successfully turned my smoking family and friends onto them as well. At the end of the month, I tend to have more money and I am much more active and healthy. I don’t spend my time at the gym, feeling out of breath. In fact, I am more alert than ever.  I can look at this feeling as being my body’s way of eliminating the buildup of tar and smoke. E-cigarettes have so many benefits, at least for myself; I have to wonder if everybody feels like me?

This person carried out a survey, asking 30 people with three ways of quitting smoking about what method had the best benefits.  10 people used e-cigarettes, 10 used nicotine patches and the other 10 quit without any help at all. People who used the nicotine patch said they worked fine because the body was still getting its nicotine fix. While the body was ridding itself of the deadly toxins, seven of the respondents said they had a serious cigarette craving. Less than half were about to quit smoking altogether while some smoked on an occasional basis.

It’s amazing how people who smoke for years can suddenly go cold turkey.  For those people who did go cold turkey, every one of them was back to using cigarettes by the time the third week rolled around.  They didn’t experience any health benefits; just major nicotine withdrawals.

What did the survey reveal about e-cigarette users? 90 percent of them stop smoking using the devices because it made them have the smoking feeling (hand to mouth action) and suppressed their nicotine cravings. Best of all, every one of them using the e-cigarettes felt much healthier and happier.

Does this mean e-cigarettes are safe? There is no medical or scientific evidence for people to judge whether or not the devices are safe. However, just from the survey alone, you can get an understanding how much better one would feel by using e-cigarettes and kicking the tobacco-filled habit. E-cigarettes still give you the nicotine you want using a heated vapor action that’s much healthier.  Why it cannot be proven or disproven to be safe, thousands of people using them feel that they are.

Article Posted: 21/12/2013 01:00:01

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