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Four Important Criteria To Use To Find The Best eCigarette Manufacturer

Four Important Criteria To Use To Find The Best eCigarette Manufacturer

Why should I use eCigarettes? That’s the question people often ask when they’re seeking an alternative to conventional cigarettes. Well, there are several reasons why you should consider eCigarettes as your method of smoking:

1 – You want to quit smoking and want a method that weans you off the nicotine.

2 – You want to still smoke but don’t like the smell cigarettes leave behind on your clothes, and in your homes or vehicles.

3 – You want to still smoke but want to a healthier alternative to the toxin-filled cigarettes.

4 – You want a method of smoking that’s affordable.

Due to these demands, eCigarette companies were born to meet the demands. These manufacturers developed eCigs to give smokers a suitable, nearly same smoking experience, replacing the plant and paper with liquid and plastic. There is an array of electronic cigarette manufacturers on the market, each one delivering a unique smoking experience using vapor that appears like cigarette smoke and taste like conventional tobacco smoke. In fact, that’s the goal of Cigarette manufacturers… to look like actual cigarettes.

Smokers, due to the increase in regulations on traditional cigarettes, are noting that it’s becoming difficult for them to light up.  While not many casinos have went smoke-free, many popular cruise lines have forbidden smoking on board. However, eCigs has no tobacco, doesn’t create any secondhand smoke and is not a safety hazard.

Many states throughout the United Kingdom do not have laws that forbid people from using the eCigarettes in a public place.  Still, before you purchase a brand of eCig, there are things you need to know that will help you make an informed decision.

4 Things To Look For In An electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

With so many electronic cigarette manufacturers on the market, how can you know which brand you should choose? Well, there are four standards you should keep in mind when shopping for an eCig.

1 – Design

Ecigarettes have either a two-piece or three-piece model. In the two-piece model, the unit has a battery and cartridge with a built-in atomizer (this is the device’s heating element). In the three-piece models, the mouthpiece can hold the nicotine cartridge and flavoring, and it comes with a rechargeable battery and a reusable atomizer. These models tend to have a better atomizer and the refill cartridges typically don’t cost very much.

The batteries are found in many colors. Therefore, if you want something conventional or you want something unique that expresses you, you can get battery style that will fit your personal tastes and needs.

2 – Flavors, Nicotine and Vapor

The majority of manufacturers will sell pre-filled eLiquid cartridges. E-Liquid is a solution that has propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring.  A good many smokers would rather fill their cartridges themselves because of the amount of eLiquid flavors including the authentic tobacco-flavored eLiquids. This is a definite hit for smokers trying to move from conventional smoking to eCigarettes.

The amount of vapor produced will vary from each e-Cigarette manufacturer. People who use these look at how much vapor is produced when choosing an particular brand manufacturer. After all, they want a vapor action that’s similar to tobacco smoke. The majority of manufacturers will use the ingredient propylene glycol to generate a significant vapor amount.  However, some manufacturers will use the ingredient vegetable glycerin because it’s supposed to be a healthy substitute to the propylene glycol ingredient.

The amount of nicotine found in electronic cigarettes is similar to traditional cigarettes. However, many of them will provide a zero-nicotine choice along with varying doses of nicotine that are less than or more than regular cigarettes.

- Full nicotine amount – 16 to 24 mg

- Medium level nicotine amount – 12 to 16 mg

- Light level nicotine amount – 4 to 8 mg

- No nicotine level

3 – Battery Choices

There are two batteries choices for electronic cigarettes:

- Manual

- Automatic

Of course, there is some debate into which one is best. Manual batteries means the user will have to push a button on the outside of the battery while you take a drag. Automatic batteries means the user takes a drag to breathe in the vapor. Automatic batteries are easy to manage but most folks prefer the manual batteries because of their versatility. The people who are moving away from conventional cigarettes and using eCigarettes are opting for the automatic battery because it mimics the experience of cigarette smoking.

In the end, it’s all about what you prefer.

4 – Customer Support

The best eCigarette companies are going to have outstanding customer service that will help its customers. They’ll offer telephone and email support; perhaps even have live chat assistance and social media accounts. Manufacturers with great customer support want to attain new clients and keep their existing ones too.  The representatives are more than willing to give potential buyers helpful information about electronic cigarettes.  The best eCigarettes companies offer 30-day refunds and a 12-month warranty. 

It’s true that the eCigarette industry is still rather new. And, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to better their products:

- Increase of flavors

- Better design

- Prolong battery life

While many government agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, watch the industry, people can opt for a more genuine smoking experience without taking on the risks linked to conventional cigarettes filled with tobacco.

Article Posted: 05/11/2013 01:00:01

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