The Benefits of electronic Cigarettes Why the medical profession is still unsure on all the healthier advantages that e-cigs offer.
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The benefits of electronic cigarettes

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

More and more people are giving up a nasty habit – the smoking habit. After all, they understand how much of a negative impact smoking can have on their health. On top of that, smoking produces an unpleasant smell that lingers on one’s clothes, hair and body. Those who don’t smoke often don’t want to be around people who do smoke, leading to an anti-social situation.

There are many doctors who advise their smoking patients to give it up, using pills, patches or gum. And, many of them will try these methods, but there are some folks who have opted for another method altogether. This method has some medical professionals up in arms about it, for one reason or another. This other method is called electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes: What Are They?

E-cigarettes offer an ideal alternative to those who would like to quit smoking or want to continue smoking without the harmful additives found in regular cigarettes. These cigarettes use a vaporized nicotine that will evaporate seconds after being inhaled and is odorless.   The e-cigarettes are designed to look like and appear like regular cigarettes. One of the best things about these types of cigarettes is that many places that have banned indoor regular smoking have not banned the e-cigarettes.

5 Primary Benefits To Using E-Cigarettes

Now, you might be wondering why you should consider e-cigarettes as a substitute.

1 – Healthier Alternative To Regular Cigarettes

One of the biggest benefits to using e-cigarettes is that it isn’t dangerous to your health. They do not have any chemicals, unlike regular cigarettes that are filled with tobacco and other carcinogens.

2 – They Are Cheaper Than Regular Cigarettes

Traditional cigarettes can cost in upwards of £8 or more a pack, which can be costly if you’re smoking a pack or more a day. However, e-cigarettes are not subjected to the heavy taxes seen with tobacco-filled cigarettes as well as the worldwide inflation, which make them much less – in the long run – to use.

Of course, when you purchase your first e-cigarette, it’s best to purchase a kit. A kit will typically last a month, but it all depends on how many times you use it. E-cigarettes are also not taxed near as high as traditional cigarettes

3 – They Have No Smell To Them

Traditional cigarettes emit a foul smelly smoke, which can be a big deterrent socially. However, e-cigarettes don’t emit this kind of smell – in fact, there is no smell at all from them. With regular cigarettes, there are numerous fumes released, which can threaten the health of smokers and non-smokers.  With e-cigarettes, the vapor will evaporate quickly, which means non-smokers are not in danger of breathing in carcinogens because they are none.

4 – There Are No Flames

Electronic cigarettes have no flame, which means the fire danger for these kinds of products is low. And, they can be used anywhere safely. Thus, you don’t have to worry about starting a fire when you use e-cigarettes.

5 – Socially Accepted

Again, many places have banned the use of regular cigarettes, making it harder for smokers to find a place to smoke. With e-cigarettes, there’s no reason to go outside to smoke. Yu can smoke in a non-smoking restaurant or government building without fear of repercussions.

 What People and Critics Have To Say About E-Cigarettes and Their Use

As you see, e-cigarettes are popular for many reasons, especially with the fact that they can be used in most places. Of course, some of their popularity may stem from the fact that many famous faces promote them - Johnny Depp, Stephen Dorff and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although they are extremely popular, there are some doctors who don’t approve of their use. The British Medication Association has requested that a public ban be placed on the use of e-cigarettes. Opponents say using e-cigarettes is a way to make smoking socially acceptable – a gateway invention that will only lead people to actually take up the habit.   Of course, little evidence doesn’t support their way of thinking such as the five previously mentioned benefits to e-cigarettes.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency discovered that most of the electronic cigarettes users presently or previously smoked. They worry that if e-cigarettes are banned, these people will fall back to the nasty, harmful habit.

Additional research shows that e-cigarettes are just as effective at getting people to quit smoking as patches. 5.8 percent of people using patches were able to stop smoking; it was 7.3 percent for electronic cigarettes… all within the first six months. After the six months, that percentage rose to 57 percent for e-cigarettes compared to only 41 percent using the patches.

It’s really no wonder why many people try kicking the habit with the assistance of e-cigarettes. However, those people working in the medical profession are slow in accepting another method of quitting cigarettes, and because of this, they are not in sync with the opinion of the public. These folks feel that electronic cigarettes need to be scrutinized as heavily as regular tobacco, nicotine-filled cigarettes, and in New York, they have already been banned for use in public locations.

The reality about e-cigarettes is this: they are ideal for people who want to still smoke but don’t want the risks that go along with it. Should it be regulated like regular cigarettes or banned altogether, people who want to quit may not.

Article Posted: 03/02/2014 01:00:01

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