Sleep Apnea cured with vaping electronic cigarettes Did my sleep apnea cure with vaping electronic cigarettes
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Sleep Apnea cured with vaping electronic cigarettes

Sleep Apnea cured with vaping electronic cigarettes

Around January 2012 I gave up fags, yes I finally after many attempts managed to quite the dreaded tobacco cigarette. I had been a steady 15 a day silk cut smoker for many years. Life was great and I certainly felt better and healthier not smoking but things started to change by the summer months and I noticed I was continually feeling tired although my sleeping patterns had not changed, I had put on a little weight but this was no more than fifteen percent to what I had weighed when I smoked.  As the months progressed I felt I was lacking any sort of energy and would often fall asleep within just a few minutes of sitting down on the sofa. Just to get through the day I found i needed a power nap for twenty or thirty minutes. By November I went to see the doctor to ask advice and they suggested my problem was probably due to over working, too much weight and not fit enough.

Liking a challenge I went away and considered their advice. Jumping on nine months I had lost just fewer than two stone, was much fitter with regular cycling and had cut down slightly on the long hours I normally work.  Unfortunately my feeling of total exhaustion had not left me. I took the decision to try and further investigate my condition before going back to the doctors. A search on the internet lead me to purchasing a gadget call the fitbit, This unit worn throughout the night while asleep monitored movement and through wifi would graph my sleep patterns after a month or so it was showing I would awake on average 40-60 times a night. Armed with this information I was ready to return to the doctors.

Life was a continual struggle. Apart from trying to get through a day without falling asleep my hobby as a glider pilot was also becoming a challenge as I did not trust myself flying for long periods on my own.

I rebooked an appointment with the doctors in September a year following my first appointment. I explained I had followed their advice and still had the same symptoms of feeling terribly tired all the time. This time they put me through a sleep apnea on-line test and after filling in all the questions they felt this might be the cause of my problem. An appointment at the local hospital was booked and three weeks later there I was in the sleep disorder clinic being asked copious amounts of questions. I was sent home with a machine to wear through the night that would monitor my breathing and saturation levels.

Three weeks later my results arrived and the conclusion was I was suffering from mild sleep apnia of waking approximately 10 times per hour, this concluded correctly with the results I had been getting from the fitbit. One solution suggested was the use of a Mandibular Advancement Device (mouth plate / guard), I had already tried one of these six month before and to be fair I just found that after a few hours of wearing it I would wake up and could not get back to sleep, so for me it was not a good solution. The other alternative was a Cpap machine but this would not be funded on the NHS as my condition was not extreme.

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I started to consider why I had never suffered this condition when I was a smoker and after much research I finally found some evidence that pointed to a possible reason. Unfortunately the medical profession could never promote smoking and I agree they should not, but it seems when you smoke and draw breath on the butt or mouth piece regularly there are some muscles in the throat that become stronger and less flaccid. These muscles then aid in keeping your throat and airways open while in sleep.

Not wanting to start smoking tobacco cigarettes again, I decided to try the new electronic devises available as from all my research they did seem to offer a safer way to smoke.  Health remedy was a on line web site selling these and had lots of interesting articles on the pros and cons of what e-Cigs could offer. I started off with one of their starter kits and then progressed onto the more advanced Premium E-Cig Starter Kit that allowed me to select the strength and various best flavours of e-liquid.

After approx six weeks my whole life had changed for the better, no longer did I always feel tired from the moment I awoke, I realised I no longer needed to sleep in the day for a power nap, I even started to stay up later at night and could enjoy some television viewing without falling to sleep. Now I don’t want to say I never feel tired because I still do on occasion but in general I fell a million times better than I did, To confirm this change I still do on occasion use the fitbit at night to track my sleeping patterns and the average graph show times awaking of approximately 12 times a night a hugh decrease from between 40 and 60 times. 


My conclusion is that in my case vaping has helped improve my sleep apnea, if it is the intake of nicotine or the exercise of drawing in through the mouth piece to build up the muscles in the throat I do not know but what I do know is my issue has improved immensely since starting to vape.

Article Posted: 10/08/2014 01:00:01

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