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The popularity of CBD products

The popularity of CBD products has skyrocketed in recent years, with people around the world buying up items that contain this controversial substance. What is it about CBD that has caused such a sharp increase in demand? It all comes down to the World Health Organization's (WHO) positive acknowledgement of its medicinal properties.

 In 2017, there were 125,000 cannabidiol consumers in the UK alone. However, by 2018 this number had doubled to 250,000 as more and more people became aware of the potential benefits that CBD could offer them. From helping with anxiety and depression to relieving pain associated with conditions like MS and Parkinson’s disease; it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action!

CBD-infused products can now be found everywhere from beauty stores selling luxurious moisturizers to cafes serving coffee loaded with caffeine plus an extra hit of relaxation – thanks largely to WHO’s recognition. People have become increasingly trusting of its effects due to further research into how safe it is for human consumption - which means they are far less hesitant when considering adding these items into their daily routines!

Thanks to WHO’s positive acknowledgment on the subject matter – combined with a huge surge in consumer knowledge on what CBD can actually do - we are likely only just beginning what will no doubt be an ongoing trend towards greater acceptance and usage of Cannabidiol across many sectors.
CBD oil is becoming more and more popular as a supplement to help with different aspects of health.
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Harvey and Bella had been friends since they were young, so when Harvey decided to open his own business selling natural health products, he knew he could count on Bella for advice. He had just started stocking a range of CBD oils, but wasn’t sure if it was safe to use or not.
Bella did some research and found out that the World Health Organisations Critical Review Report on CBD concluded that CBD is generally well tolerated and has a good safety profile. She also discovered that all of H&B’s CBD products are below the maximum dose recommended by the UK Food Standards Agency in 2020.
Feeling reassured, Harvey asked Bella what she thought would be the best dosage for him to start with as he hadn’t used any before. She advised starting with a lower potency product and smaller dose than usual before gradually increasing it over time until you find which dose works best for you - making sure never to exceed the daily allowance stated on the product label.   With this new information, Harvey felt confident about using CBD oil and excited about introducing it into his health routine!

Article Posted: 21/01/2023 19:32:59

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