How will I feel when I use electronic cigarettes What happens when I stop smoking cigarettes, how will I feel, how does my health improve, will it be difficult to quit.
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How will I feel when I use electronic cigarettes

How will I feel when I use electronic cigarettes

When you decide to quit using regular tobacco-filled cigarettes and pick up electronic cigarettes as the alternative, your body will experience a reaction. That’s because it’s trying to eliminate the chemicals that were in the regular cigarettes.

Now, keep in mind that the symptoms you experience during the withdrawal process will be different from other people’s experiences.  Over a period of several days, you’ll notice the symptoms come and go, with the majority of them gone within a couple of months.

It’s very important you know what the symptoms are for tobacco withdrawal, as there are many of them. Bear in mind that e-cigarette users suffer from very common withdrawal symptoms because the body is trying to get rid of the chemicals it was subjected to from the regular cigarettes.

That’s not to say you won’t experience e-cigarette use symptoms. There are two common symptoms e-cigarette users may experience:

  • Throat irritation
  • Allergies from ingredient compounds

You can alleviate your symptoms of nicotine withdrawal by using electronic cigarette cartridges with nicotine in them. However, tobacco-filled cigarettes also have tar, carcinogens and a multitude of chemicals in them. So, you may still notice the symptoms.

Your body, when you choose to quit smoking, is experiencing a major change. The symptoms you get from using e-cigarette are the result of the change and, in time, will go away. This tends to happen within a week. However, if you notice symptoms that linger beyond this timeframe, you may want to see your doctor.
Health issues when stopping tobacco smoking

15 Symptoms E-Cigarette Users May Experience In The First Week

1 – Coughing, Congestion, Constant Throat Clearing and More

It’s normal to experience an increase in coughing, congestion and throat clearing after you stop smoking regular cigarettes and use e-cigarettes. How long you experience these types of symptoms will vary based on your smoking usage. Were you a light smoker or a heavy smoker?

The coughing occurs because of the cilia in the lungs are getting rid of the tar and mucus. Your body is constantly cleaning itself of things that coat the tissues surface, which usually come up as phlegm. It may not look nice coming up, but your body – on the inside – is getting a makeover.

According to studies, the process starts within a week. Therefore, you may have a morning cough every day for a week, with a clearing for about a month. The best thing you can do for yourself during this time is to drink more water. With sinus congestion, you can use an over-the counter medication until gone.

2 – Hoarseness

With the increase in throat clearing and coughing, you may also experience hoarseness. That’s because the tissue is regenerating itself. Consider using throat lozenges and consume copious amounts of water to so that your throat is soothed.

3 – Rise Occurrences of Common Cold

When your body is getting rid of the chemicals, the possibility of getting colds is high. The reason is that your immune system is working extra hard. Reduce the chances of getting a cold by taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water and be easy on yourself.

4 – Acne

Mild acne breakouts are common from using e-cigarettes. Acne occurs because the body is getting rid of the toxins and will slow down as the body becomes acclimated to being free of the tobacco-filled cigarettes effects. This tends to happen more in young adults who quit smoking.

5 – Heartburn

This symptom can be attributed to tobacco-filled cigarettes, but it’s not unheard of that an excessive amount of nicotine is the cause too. One way to effectively deal with heartburn is to lower the strength of the nicotine. If, after a week, you notice the condition hasn’t resolved itself, talk to your doctor.

6 – Hiccups

Hiccups can be rather annoying, and according to studies, is the result too much air in the stomach from the constant use of nicotine gums. It doesn’t hurt the body; just an aggravating aspect to deal with.

Now, hiccups from e-cigarettes are also common. It happens because the vapor is held in the mouth and the nicotine gets into the saliva. You can get this from happening by not holding onto the vapor, breathing it out instead.

7 - Gas

This symptom could persist for several weeks. The best way to deal with this is to avoid foods that cause gas – beans, broccoli and cabbage.

8 - Headaches, Shaking and Nausea

When you choose to use e-cigarettes, you’re probably seeing a change in the consumption of nicotine – either more or less nicotine than the body is acclimated to. A fluctuation in nicotine amount may cause nausea, shaking and headaches, but should be gone within several days.  A way to stave off these symptoms is to use various nicotine strengths until one is found that is suitable for your needs. Any adjustments you make need to be done slowly.

9 - Dizziness

When you give up tobacco-filled cigarettes, it’s possible to experience dizziness. The reason is similar to the itching, prickling and tingling sensation. Your brain is given more oxygen. There is an adjustment period, after which the symptom should disappear.

Dizziness may also be a symptom of an excessive amount of nicotine in the e-cigarette. If you’re using the e-cigarette, consider switching back and forth from the high and low nicotine levels. It’s also possible you have too high of a nicotine strength. If the condition is bothersome or continues, talk with your doctor.

10 - Dreams and Insomnia

When you stop tobacco-filled products, your body experiences a vast array of changes including psychological ones. You may find yourself hyper sensitive to caffeine. If you experience this symptom, weaken your tea and coffee or avoid them altogether until it passes.

11 - Itching, Prickling and Tingling

The only reason you are experiencing the itching, prickling and tingling is that more oxygen is flowing into the body. These symptoms will disappear after several weeks.

12 - Change In Taste and Smell Senses

You may not realize it but your sense of taste is messed up by the chemical-filled cigarettes. Therefore, when you stop smoking them, you’ll begin to see a change in both your smell and taste senses. Things that you liked before may become too salty or sweet. Foods that you believed were bland may suddenly be delicious. 

This situation can also be applied to the cartridge flavors. The flavors you preferred may suddenly be nasty. As your body rids itself of these chemicals, changes like this can occur… sometimes it seems like overnight.

Your sense of taste is also altered if you primarily use menthol cartridges.  This is because the menthol properties temporarily dull the taste sense and gives you “menthol mouth”.  If you notice this issue, the best thing you can do is stop using menthol cartridges so that the taste buds can heal. You can also use cough drops to help you.

13 - Muscle Cramps, Aches and Spasms

When your body suddenly gets more oxygen, with improvement in the circulation system,  you may notice that you suffer with aches and pains.  This is from the body ridding itself of the tobacco and other chemicals and healing itself from them.

It’s also possible that you are dehydrated. Electronic cigarettes have a tendency to dry the body out. To effectively deal with this, drink copious amounts of water.

14 - Diarrhea

When you stop the use of tobacco cigarettes, you could develop diarrhea. However, it’s also possible that you could have a propylene glycol intolerance.  If you develop this symptom, switch to vegetable glycerin-based ingredients.

15 – Mouth Ulcers

One symptom that people who quit tobacco-filled cigarettes is mouth ulcers. These are little lesions on the roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks and on the gums. Keep in mind that smoke is an irritant. As you use cigarettes, the mouth tissues and gums will develop a “crust”. When your body is recovering from your cessation of regular cigarettes, the damaged tissue is replaced by new, healthy tissue. This is what causes the lesions to appear.

You can increase the healing process and reduce irritation by regularly rinsing your mouth using water.

Article Posted: 13/03/2014 01:00:01

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