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So what is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD oil and which is better for health

So what is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD oil and which is better for health.

Typically Hemp oil is low in CBD often having virtually no CBD at all. It is extracted in the same way Rape Seed and Olive oils are produced (High pressure extraction). Hemp oil is mass produced on an industrial scale by growing Hemp plants created to be very low in THC (this is the part that would make you high and is illegal). Using Different parts of the plant can produce different variations of the oil.
CBD Oils will always be extracted from the Cannabis plant that contain much higher levels of CBD (cannabinoids) the extraction is more refined and more complicated hence the higher price paid for the premium product Remember, the highest concentration of CBD is found in the flowers of hemp plants.

What’s the biggest visual difference between a bottle of CBD oil and a bottle of food grade hemp seed oil?
The bottle itself!
CBD oils tend to come in concentrated small amounts like 1 to 2 oz in a dropper bottle with a pipette at the top for dosing. Hemp seed oil on the other hand is most often in a bigger bottle of 4 oz or more. It will resemble the same size as an olive oil or avocado oil bottle.

There’s A LOT of money to be made in the CBD industry right now. Because CBD isn’t regulated, anyone can pour oil in a bottle, slap a label on it, and claim it’s CBD. There are more than a few sneaky salesmen passing off snake oil or sub-par products for what many consumers think is good CBD oil.  

Typical uses for Hemp oil:- High in fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, so beneficial to signs of ageing and healthy blood circulation. Omega 6 is shown to improve skin conditions like skin elasticity and hydration. Can lower cholesterol. Hemp oil has also been shown to improve skin conditions like Psoriasis.

Typical Benefits of CBDS Oils:- Most important the correct balance of the whole human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) It also aids in your body being able to create it’s own cannabinoids.
CBD does more it also impacts on Opioid receptors which are responsible for (Dopamine – Motivational Behaviours  and Serotonin – Stress Anxiety) mental conditions.

So this one action will improve the following functions,
Control Pain
Improve Sleep
Improve emotional state (Mood)
Promote a healthy appetite
Better immune response

To summarise, Hemp oil is a great food supplement with similar benefits to multi vitamins
CBD oil controls the correct balance for the endocannabinoid system creating a synchronised equilibrant  (a force that will balance one or more unbalanced forces.) state.

To make sure you are paying for the genuine CBD oil it will have to have three important identification marks.

  1. Manufacture details printed on the packaging
  2. A Batch Number
  3. A url showing third party independent Lab results and batch tracing
  4. Supplement fact sheets

All our CBD oils and Tabs conform to these requirements so you know with Canabidol you are getting the real thing.

Article Posted: 23/05/2019 19:09:42

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