Burnt taste when using my electronic cigarette. What causes a burnt taste in my electronic cigarette, how to resolve.
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Burnt taste when using my electronic cigarette.

Burnt taste when using my electronic cigarette.


There are two things that need careful planning when switching to using E-Cigs (Electronic Cigarettes) The first it to be well prepared to carrying around all the paraphernalia that is required.

  • Battery runs flat
  • Cartomiser fails and a burnt taste is evident with each drag
  • Juice runs out

A flat battery or even a running low battery can ruin your smoking experience. It is well worth either having a spare fully charged back up battery or in most cars now you can use a USB charging device.  There is nothing worse than leaving the home or work place to travel and finding that dreaded blue flashing light emanating from your battery to tell you is need a charge.

Cartomisers do have a limited life span and unfortunately there is no clear indicator to when they are going to fail.  A good way to extend the life of the cartomiser is to never let it run dry and never over fill it. Both of these will both shorten the life span and also cause the gurgling and spluttering stopping the smooth flow from the atomiser. With Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser you can purchase just the spare vertical coils that can be changed in a few seconds and return the unit to perfect working order, these are becoming more popular as they take the juice from the bottom of the tank where the liquid juice site naturally.  With standard CE Clearomiser these do not have changeable parts so it is best to keep a few in as spare stock.

Sometimes using a fully charged battery can cause the e-liquid to get used up much faster than normal so a good idea is to keep a spare bottle of your favourite flavour in the car and at work as a fall back in the event of running dry.

Sometimes leaving a clearomiser to stand for a few days without use will allow it to work correctly for a little longer but if the burnt taste returns then it should be disposed of.

One challenge a new Vaper encounters is trying to understand what the differences are between an atomizer, clearomiser and cartomiser. Terminology is thrown around so much in the vaping community that it is often difficult to wrap your head around it all and build a solid understanding. Clearomiser, cartomiser, atomizer, mods. Unfortunately, all of this may lead to confusion for someone new to the vaping/e cig scene. To help those who are trying to understand these essential components of vaping, we have put together the guide to learning the differences.

Direct dripping on the atomizer, clearomisers and cartomisers all achieve the same goal of delivering e liquid to the atomizer.

There are various kinds of atomizers, but in general they consist of a small metal coil and a wicking material that soaks up the e liquid and channels it into a coil. The coil is generally a short piece of resistance wire that is wrapped around the small wick or wicking material. The atomizer is then connected to the negative and positive poles of the EGO battery, which the coil uses to create the vapor once the e juice from the wicking material reaches it.

On top of the coil/wick is a foil, which helps regulate the amount of e liquid that reaches the wick, and subsequently the coil. 

Some cartomisers use horizontal coils, which are the most similar to direct dripping. The horizontal coil runs across a centre air path in the middle of the cartomiser. The coil is wrapped around a wick. The wick funnels juices from the filler material, so the coil doesn’t have to touch the filler material in the tank directly like it does inside a vertical coil cartomiser.

Article Posted: 22/02/2015 01:00:01

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