A new revolution for the traditional tobacco smokers Are you fond of smoking but are worried about the health hazards associated with traditional cigarettes. Finally there is now a way you can switch to a safer and healthier option of smoking
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A new revolution for the traditional tobacco smokers

A new revolution for the traditional tobacco smokers

Electronic cigarettes – a new revolution for the traditional tobacco smokers

Are you fond of smoking but are worried about the health hazards associated with traditional cigarettes. Finally there is now a way you can switch to a safer and healthier option of smoking while still enjoying the habit and associated release from the stimulant nicotine.

In the last three years the technical design and improvements made to the Electronic Cigarette have come along leaps and bounds. They are now judged to be so good and as realistic as a tobacco cigarette that most new users are very pleased to leave tobacco burning and all those associated dangers to health behind.

The electronic cigarettes have come up as one of the best options for the traditional smokers who cannot quit smoking but looks forward to a safer choice that will not cause any adverse effects on their health. The e-cigarettes have become really popular as they reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and save you a small fortune in the process. If you are a hardened smoker and find it difficult or just don’t want to stop smoking, then switch to a better, healthier option which is the new revolutionary electronic cigarettes (e-cig). 

The e-cigs were first introduced in 2007 for the US market but soon it became popular in other countries. In today’s time, you will come across many people who are relying on e-cigarettes and consider it a better choice as compared to the traditional cigarettes.  The best part is that these products are legal, have a huge health benefit compared to current burning of tobacco and can be purchased by people of any age group. This is one reason that electronic cigarettes are becoming popular day by day among the younger generation, although an addictive habit, at least without hundreds of carcinogenic pollutants. You can also buy them online through various sources however make sure they are trusted, genuine and have had all their ingredients, pharmaceutical grade stock approved.

How are e-cigarettes different from the traditional cigarettes?

The increasing awareness on the negative effects of smoking has forced many people to quit smoking. But as it is rightly said that habits don’t leave you easily unless you’re determined to stay away from it. The traditional cigarettes are not only harmful for the person who is smoking but even others who inhale the smoke of the tobacco (passive smoking).  Passive smoking is also one of the biggest reasons of the increasing number of deaths caused due to cancer. So don’t compromise with your health but depend on safer options like e-cigs which are better and offer a great experience as well. There really is at last now, no reason to stay smoking tobacco.

The best feature about the new generation e-cigs is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals like tobacco does, tar and other poisons which are injurious to health. Though it appears to be somewhat like the traditional cigarettes, as you can inhale and exhale smoke (stream vapour) it is quite different. Despite offering a similar experience to the smokers, they are very different in one aspect a traditional tobacco cigarette has 4000 chemicals while an e-cig has four. If you do the sums the new generation e-fags are going to be a lot better for your health. The electronic cigarettes are a small device that contains nicotine in the form a liquid and operated through a battery or an atomizer. When you inhale the liquid, the LED light will turn orange/red thus offering a similar experience to the smoker. So smokers that switch over to e-cigs can enjoy a realistic smoke of a cigarette without compromising with their health. 

Benefits of the e-cigs

The numerous benefits of the e-cigarettes are the reason behind the growing popularity of this smoking device. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy are:-

  • The e-cigs do not contain any of the known carcinogenic poisons or chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. This is the biggest benefit as you can still enjoy a smoke without worrying about the ill effects that the traditional cigarettes were providing.
  • The new electronic cigarettes are a great way to impress people as most family members worry about those that smoke and changing to a safer option will help with health benefits, make the smoker feel fitter, cause less worry for close family and also prevent the others having to suffer from passive smoking.
  • E-cigarettes do not pose any threat to the environment and are legal.  Therefore people of all age groups can try it and keep the environment safe. (current legislation may come into effect in the future on age restrictions)
  • With the help of this smoking device, you can save a lot of money. As compared to the traditional cigarettes the price of e-cigs is quite low; hence it is affordable and safe too. Therefore it can save your money and you still enjoy the experience of smoking.
  • The electronic cigarettes come in various flavors; therefore you can pick any flavor of your choice that appeals you the most. You can explore countless options at the online stores and buy the most suitable one as per your taste*  (*make sure any flavor is guaranteed to be based on pharmaceutically approved food stock, as currently anyone can make flavours in their house, business and these could contain inappropriate ingredients)

Purchasing the e-cigarettes over the internet is the best option as you can explore plenty of choices. You can also discover a number of choices like disposable cigarettes or the many accessories that improve your smoking experience. This is the reason that the trend of online shopping has increased to a huge level with better and faster shipping options.

You can also inquire about the ingredients that are used in the e-cigs so that you are fully satisfied with your choice. Excellent customer service is the main motive and that is why efforts are made to come up with superior yet safer smoking options that are suitable for everyone.

So switch to electronic cigarettes and feel the difference yourself. You will surely love the product and enjoy a safer smoking experience. 


Article Posted: 18/10/2013 01:00:01

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