Ten frequently asked questions abount e-Cigs Common questions asked about the use of electronic cigarettes.
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Ten frequently asked questions

Ten frequently asked questions

What To Know Before You Buy: 10 Frequently Asked Questions People Have About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are seeing their popularity rise dramatically, especially since more smokers have opted for this smoking alternative.  It’s the first alternative nicotine delivery system that emulates an actual cigarette experience.  There are many folks who feel this smoking version is going to save lives. And, the reality is that it’s certainly changing how people do smoke… in a big way!

Of course, it’s still fairly new, which is why many people have questions about. There is so much misinformation that e-cigarettes; people don’t really know if it’s safe or not and if it can help them to quit smoking.  Every question asked is legitimate and they should be addressed so that would-be users could make a sound decision into whether or not the e-cigarette is worth their time, effort and money.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding E-Cigarettes

1 – How Similar Are E-Cigarettes To Regular Cigarettes?

Amazingly enough, these e-cigarettes are quite similar to regular cigarettes. In fact, even diehard smokers use them and are satisfied. Some smokers that have a one-to-two pack habit have made the switch-over to e-cigarettes entirely.  That’s because the vapour looks, tastes and feels like actual tobacco smoke.  And, it gives them the nicotine hit they need.

2 – How Safe Are They?

You may or may not realize that there are more than 4,000 toxins in tobacco smoke. However, e-cigarettes don’t have any of these since there is no actual smoke being produced. Rather, a vaporized nicotine and water solution is what is inhaled. Thus, it can be used with no worries of being exposed to carbon monoxide, tar and more.  The nicotine, according to the Royal College of Physicians, has not been proven to cause of any long-term negative health effects. In fact, the vapor of e-cigarettes is roughly 20 ingredients, which are deemed safe as long as the instructions are properly followed.

3 – Can E-Cigarettes Help People Quit Smoking?

E-cigarettes have not been marketed as a stop smoking device. Rather, they’re intended as an alternative to regular cigarettes so that you can smoke anywhere. Of course, common sense would dictate that it can be used as a good way to stop smoking (similar to nicotine patches and gum).

4 – Is It FDA-Approved?

At this time, the FDA has no jurisdiction over this popular nicotine delivery device.

5 – Why Is It That Some Groups Oppose E-Cigarettes?

This is a rather complex question. There are certain groups that have the best interest of the public in mind, and they desire additional clinical research to be carried out. Other groups have a monetary interest and may try to capitalize on the soon-to-be billion dollar industry.

6 – Can E-Cigarettes Be Used Everywhere?

In a technical sense, yes they can. Since there’s no tobacco burning and no second-hand smoke is generated, they can be used in most public places. However, some restaurants don’t like the appearance of these cigarettes so it may be best to talk with the staff before you use your e-cig device.

7 – Are Kids Targeted?

Definitely not! There is so much wrong information circulating about this issue. Anti-electronic cigarettes groups say the various flavors offered by the companies – chocolate, vanilla, etc. – make them appealing to kids. However, that’s just not true! Flavors are not just a kid thing; adults like flavors too. 

The reality is that e-cigarette kits are around £20 or more, which means kids can’t practically buy them anyway. The market is geared toward adult smokers who want a healthy alternative to smoking.

8 – What’s The Best Brand Of E-Cigarettes?

When it comes to choosing the best e-cigarette brand, you really need to use your head and common sense. There are a number of inexpensive e-cigarette designs on the market – some of them coming from China – that are loaded with mechanical issues. Therefore, you should do some research to ensure you purchase a superior-quality device that allows you to smoke without any real issues.

9 – Where Can E-Cigarettes Be Purchased?

Since the e-cigarettes are still new to the market, there are not very many stores that will carry them. In saying that, you can turn to the Internet to find some of the best deals. Again,  do your research to find the best device for the best deal.

10 – How Much Do Electronic Cigarettes Cost?

You may be wondering how much the typical e-cigarette cost? Well, a great starter kit will include the following items: 

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Five nicotine cartridges
  • Charger

And, they are usually priced between £20 and £30. An additional five cartridges will run you up to £40. One cartridge can last between 5 and 20 packs of cigarettes.


E-Cig starter kit

Article Posted: 08/02/2015 01:00:01

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